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Show-Hide fields using WS
This Windows Application lets you Hide or Show fields from different list pages.(EditForm, DispForm, NewForm). Ideally if you can use the Object model and manipulate all these field properties (for e.g. ShowinNewForm = false") or even use Java scripts to on these pages. Feau
I feel Features was too cumbersome for one off requirements and JavaScript, well even thouigh I like all the JS tweaking, it is just not easy to get it working and page updates or field updates would result into failure (Anyway there are good posts around regarding how to use JS for hiding fields even based on permissions).

So to encompass this requirement I developed a Windows application which utilizes share point Web services to query and update the list settings. All you need is a right account to manipulate the list settings

1. Enter Url.
2. Enter Credentials (incase you are not using default credentials)
3. select a list
4. Browse through fields and update respective properties.

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Update 09/18/2009
Added Creadted By and Modfied By Masking option.
This will replace User fields Created and Modifed By to *** just making it anonymous. 

Update 11/18/2009
Added Functionality to change Mark field "Hidden" or Unhide it.

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