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Reordering List Items

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List Order”  is feature which enables list re ordering for your custom list. The feature is enabled on “Web” level and enables this action item for all the lists for that particular site. The feature has 2 parts to it:

1. Custom List Action item:  This provides the action item to link to list –reorder page.

2. “By Order” View:  When feature is activated, it creates a view on the supported list called “By Order” which is sorted by the “Order” field. (Note: This is only applies to existing lists and wont reflect on  newly created list. however you can create your own views and select the sort by “order” field)

Now the feature once activates will provide the Custom Action Item and View to all the supported list types for that particular site.


For more info check this blog post : here

Note: It is currently configured to work with following list templates:

  1. Generic List
  2. Contacts List
  3. Task List
  4. Gantt List  


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